Odisha Tribal Heritage & Ancient Art

Odisha tribal heritage is a significant part of the socio-cultural life of the state. A formidable part of the total population of Odisha belongs to various ethnic groups. Places like Rayagada, Koraput, Naurangpur, Kalahandi and Malkangiri house a huge number of ethnic people. Around 50% of the total population of these places are of tribal origins.

There are as many as 62 different ethnic groups of people in Odisha. These people live in the different parts of the state. The main tribes of Odisha are Kondhs, Gadabas, Koyas, Oraon, Santals, and Juang.

The tribal people of Odisha are well known for their simple lifestyle and hard work. The ethnic people of the region are currently engaged in a variety of professions, but their main occupations are agriculture, hunting, and fishing.

Some of the tribal people also work in different handicraft industries and mills. Some of them are engaged in the textile industry of the place and they have their own looms. The tribes like Gadaba and Bondo work in the textile industry.

On the basis of language, the ethnic people of Odisha can be classified into four different groups; these groups are Indo-Aryan group, Tibeto-Burmese group, Dravidian group and, Austric group. The Tibeto-Burmese ethnic group is no more a part of the state. Read more about the Odisha artisans here.

The people of the ethnic groups of Odisha have their own traditional lineages like rituals, songs, art and craft, festivals and dance forms. The tribal women generally wear a long piece of cloth and the tribal men were loincloths. The tribal jewelry like havelis place to visit in India is Cochin or Kochi as it is called nowadays.

Why India Must be on your List of Holiday Destinations

India boasts of around 3606 Historical monuments of archeological significance and many of which qualify for World Heritage Sites. People with old traditional lineage provide assistance in forts & havelis in The Desert of Rajasthan, to experience and cherish the magnitude of cultural and historical travel legacies and ancient Indian Art in India.

India announces various tourism packages and tourist attractions for undiscovered ancient cultural sites in India which have more potential to attract tourists from all over the world. India is famous around the world for its glorious history, Hindu Art and Architecture, its exotic and royal cuisine, culture, and folklore.

Kashmir Memories

Kashmir, for many of us, brings up images of violence, conflict, and terror. But before all the conflict and violence and terror, Kashmir was one of India’s most popular destinations, especially if you wanted to go trekking in the mountains. It still is a beautiful place, one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen and the Elephant Indian Art is truly amazing.

Now I’m not going to tell anyone to travel to Kashmir because at the moment it really does not seem to be safe, and even if it was safe, there are parts of it (especially Srinagar) I would not recommend for blond Western female travelers, but I would like to share a few photos from Kashmir from a couple of years ago. While Kashmir usually makes the news for yet another blood-filled incident, there a lot of beauty too. Read also about Qutub Minar here.